Worthless | valuable

I designed this graduation work at the ArteZ University of the Arts in Arnhem. The work was created from a ‘emotional sustainable’ perspective and consists of two parts, a video series and an online publication. The publication is an in-depth written support for the video series called: "I’m never wearing that anymore". Through this publication and video series I want to stir up a debate in which we reconsider our future role as consumers. What does a sustainable garment or wardrobe which we feel emotionally connected look like? My main focus during this project was on young consumers.

These two products give the young consumer an opportunity to participate and reflect on the contemporary debate on a more sustainable fashion industry. I have divided my online written publication into 10 observations. Each observation briefly explains the various strategies to create alienation between the consumer and the fast fashion industry. The most important aim of my informative observations and videos is to teach young consumers to place their personal purchasing behaviour in a broader perspective. If we, together, allow these insights to dawn on us, we can hopefully learn to adapt our behaviour and thereby contribute as consumers to a more sustainable industry.

In this project I developed the concept, creative direction, graphic design, scenarios and script/text. The animation was created in collaboration with Mans Weghorst, who is the brain behind all the moving visuals in the videos.