REAL FAKE X Strolling in Grandmother’s Clothing

REAL FAKE is a playful plant label created by Bobbine Berden. Textiles, such as clothing and home textiles, are transformed into colorful leaves that she incorporates into plastic plant frames. The handmade plants take an ironic look at the artificial plastic plants that mimic natural processes.

Strolling in Grandmother’s Clothing is a collaboration between visual narrative designer Bobbine Berden and journalist Evi Guldemeester. They connect young and old in a playful way by refurbishing the clothes of the elderly, so that young generations can proudly stroll in them again. All elderly people or their relatives have been interviewed, so that every piece of clothing/object carries the story of the original owner with it. Strolling in Grandmother’s Clothing stands for nostalgia, revaluation and sustainability.

The crossover Echt Nep X Strolling in Grandmother’s Clothing presents fragments of garments criss-crossed in a colorful collection of life stories.