Afwezige aanwezigheid

Absent Prensence' is about digitalisation. Our physical distance is growing, while at the same time we become closer to each other through digital media. In this work, the very dominant Scottish tartan in my work represents the emptiness of our expanding hyper visual consumer society, taking over the whole installation.

I designed this graduation work at the HKU University of the Arts in Utrecht. I used ‘fashion’ as a visual communication tool to capture the imagination of the viewer. To place the image in a contemporary perspective, I used references from the fast food industry, an industry that many people are familiar with.

I designed this work pattern technically and visually and took on the role of stylist during photography and filming. With the concept ‘fashion as a communication tool’, I gave garments new meaning. Instead of a seductive role which is driven by the desire for ‘the new’, I used it as a medium to create scenarios in which viewers can relate and which provides an opportunity for dialogue.